Friday, February 20, 2009


Sob Sob. . . Today my sis is on her way to Australia! OMG! I started to miss her already!

Help her buy her stuff after I finish school and help her to pack her stuff after I reach home.

My parent was already at home...

I was driving my sis to airport. . . Crying along the way! OMG! Crying Guy!
My mum cry at home when my sis is going out time. . . My poor mum! Aiks! This year I have to pay attention more on my mum needs! Since my sis is not around. . .My turn to take care of my brothers and help out my parents! OMG!

My dad brought my smallest bro which just back from school to airport to say goodbye to my sis.

Waited for them to check in and help them to take some picture! All my sis friends family.

After that was BYE BYE Malaysia and Hello Australia! See you yea sis! Next year going to see you again! Today I didn't hug you la. . . Wait you come back only hug you! So remember to come back a! Don't play till forget ki!

some photo of the day....

OMG. . . I'm so down right now....
Didn't know that some one you close to and care and love have to go away for a long period of time.... Have to adapt! ADAPT! OMG!