Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday wake up at 6 and Steve steve fetch me with his superior Yamaha 125ZR to Waterfall Road since the traffic would probably be clogged up!
It since been a while I sit on a mortorcycle since High School when I do not own my own transport.

After 15minutes of chilling cold wind blew at my face, we manage to get a decent parking place which near to the temple.

After that was chik chak chik chak non-stop!

Road to Waterfall Temple

Devotee praying to their God..
This was just at the junction of the traffic light.

After that walked to the hill temple which was located nearby Youth Park

Traffic Jam on the road here also also people jam...
So we cancel the intention of getting to the since we don't want to be additional to the people jam....

So we head back to the middle temple located between the waterfall temple and the hill temple...

The crowded was alot as you can see, it stretches for a few K....

After that goto Eagle Point!

They are having P&W there!
More picture soon...

After that at 6 was the DANZITY New School Workshop!

More picture about it soon! Will be more pending post...
Stay Tune for more!