Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today whole was I was doing my assignment assignment & ASSIGNMENT!!!!!!!!!
Do till my eyes also wana pop out liao a! Especially economics which call us do research about 5 countries economy from 2004 to 2008.... The numbers was making my head dizzy....Haha!

Just now my parent brought us to the Teluk Kumpar 好友 to eat seafood since my sis is going to fly to Australia this coming Friday! OMG!

The environment there

Sunseting on the horizon. . .

I manage to capture this cloud looking like a phoenix on the clear blue sky....

After all those photo taking! It was dinner time!

The satay taste not bad! But cost RM0.70 per stick!

This clamp was also not bad! Recommended!

This was the restaurant famous dish? My dad say eh....Their fried tofu....

The stingray cooked with sour sauce

Another is mantis prawn, aka "heh gor" in Hokkien.

Didn't have crabs and other because later at 8 we need to fetch my bro back from work at QB! He can't get permission from his "boss" to follow us goto eat ho liao before my sis left Malaysia...

Another 5days before my sis leave us and study abroad.... Phew... It's going to be 1 year before I can see her again...OMG!

I wonder she will home sick? Haha!

More post tomorrow!