Friday, February 27, 2009

Jelutong Beach!

Let continue about photo shoot at Jelutong Beach!
Jelutong Beach was located near the overhead bridge that got artificial bird as decoration.

Bboy join us that day because he just finish he work at Gurney.

1st destination was supposedly jetty but they say at night there got people guard cannot go to take pictures so we change to Jelutong Beach! OMG! Drive a big round only say there cannot take pictures! Omg!

Bboy and Siax

Accidentally change to P Mode and the shutter was so slow and this was the result.
Saix is power up! Dragon Ball version 2! Haha!

Capture this 1 when she was peacing with me...Haha!

Bboy on the road block

For this picture I used the Frequency flash which flash 10times in 1 second!
Thus creating a image with many of his hand!

Can you all guess who is this person? Running towards me!

Currently I'm suppose on board the bus on the way going to Genting! Genting! Here I come!
Stay tune for more!

By the way this is a pre-program post so you all can check out my blog while I at Genting till Sunday only will be back! Anything sms me!