Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Currently listen to: 遗失的美好
Today got alot of stuff happen and I was glad how all was turning out! Thanks God!

Recently having many happy and unhappy stuff been told to me as I always was a Good listener! Haha!

Keep listen to the songs for many time to get into the mood.... Haha! Was still active mood..
At last I come out with the
Words of the day:
For those who fail... There is still chance, tomorrow the sun will still shine and you will touch her/his heart soon or later or go get a new 1!!! Haha! It is not the END of the world!Song for the fallen guy or girl!

If you like him/her, told him before is too late! Grab the chance while you can! "A relationship is not only destiny by fate but also your initiate to go for it! " Learn this golden word while watching Look for a Star

For those single, enjoy your single life if a relationship is not desire by now. Try not to hurt your admire o!

For those couple, wish you all the best! If want take picture can come find me! Haha! Still got time to promote business! Haha!

In conclusion, it is a day where the love and respect fill the air of the whole wide world!
Although some may did not gain what they wish for but hope they will be fine in a short moment!
Remember, there is still someone have everlasting love for you from inside your heart. . .

OMG! It is Valentine Days! I want to wish everyone a very happy Valentine Day!
Smile smile la!
Today let me be sentimental for a while yea.... Don't vomit....^_^

Back to posting....
Last 2 days ago which is 12/2/2009 which is my smallest bro birthday.... Mum do a small small birthday party for him.....

Happy birthday bro! Don't be so naughty a! So big liao.... Haha!

Another Rojak post for my days at school...
Taken during Thursday afternoon at school....

OMG my English Lecturer already marry and more than 30 liao eh! Still thought she was at the mid-20s only.... Haha! Sorry Miss!

After that they plan to go to KimGary at QB, so I followed....

After that was the account class and it was class assignment!

Talking about class assignment.... I still got a lot of assignment chasing behind my back!!!!! Ouch! Don't stab my butt!
Will settle them as soon as possible..... Aboh no relax for me!

Just come back from Gurney after watch Red Cliff 2 with
Steve and Saix!
Kinda nice! Rate it for 8/10 as the movie was exciting and the story line was not bad!

More photo tomorrow!
Stay tune for more!