Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo Book

Last Saturday Steve suddenly call me out to Bayan Baru Mcd to keng something! Mana tau he call me out to sia me buy even more! OMG!
He mounted his camera with the battery vertical grip! OMG! I'm going crazy!

Geng leh?

OMG! Don't know when can I have a full set? The flash and 50mm is I add in into it eh! Lol!

See liao feel very pro leh? Haha! Whatever la... Currently broke liao.... Save for next year la if I can tahan not to buy! Haha!

A few weeks back help Saix to do some photo shoot! Now is the result time! Finally I got the patient to sit in front of the PC and ban ban edit!








Nice or not? Give me some comment!
Thanks Saix and Ben Joon for sending me the CS4! Morekeat eh photoshop! Better picture!

Please note: 1) Above picture has not been edited but just some cropping only!
2) All shoot using 50mm Lense!

Stay tune for more!