Sunday, February 22, 2009

Morning Gurney!

Yesterday morning after I drop my bro at school for his activity, I went to Gurney there to take pic!It was around 8 something and the lighting was just nice!

After that goto Coffee Bean cari Saix to minum KOPI! Sambil wait for Steve to arrive! He was still brushing his teeth when I reach Gurney.... =.="

My all time favourite Kopi!

Saix you skill improve alot since the previous visit! Haha! Keep up the good work!

That day only 2 people working only so Saix sipek busy.

At night, we have a photo shoot again at nearby Jetty! This to redeem ouself after the previous photoshoot does not turn out as we wanted as my flash was having malfunction during the previous photo shoot.
Some picture to view 1st.... Kinda lazy to edit! OMG!

Stay tune for more! ^_^