Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thaipusam Part 2

Continue from yesterday post... Alot interesting stuff happen at there... There sure alot of photographer there... What I can say is that we need more upgrade! Haha!

The priercing stuff are not limited to guys but also women!

That day we saw a elder lady using DSLR!!! with flash mounted on it cam! DSLR really has no boundary as long as you willing to carry the bulky camera....^_^

After that was bye bye to waterfall road!!! Off we go to makan breakfast!

Having our breakfast at there because Steve had not eat Dim Sum for ages! Haha!
The environment and the food there was not bad....For those plan to eat Dim Sum this is place!

After that wenr back to Eagle Point...
The children are having their presentation after they completed their drawing and colouring...

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Have you purchase anything for Him&Her?
Valentines Day.....