Monday, February 9, 2009

Movie Day

Saturday was a busy day as I whole day was running here and there.....
Morning I fetch my Little bro to school for his Koperasi Interview....
Go to drink Coffee Bean drink Ice Blended Mocha! My all time favourite....Hehe!

Afternoon Steve ajak me for a movie at QB. Watched a movie called "Look For A Star"

The Movie was very very nice!!!! Rate it 9.5/10!
So touched leh! Kinda romantic also la...
Damn it make my tears cha dian drop leh! Haha!

After that, goto Eagle Point for the celebration of Chap Goh Meh and also a surprise Birthday Party for Pastor........! Sorry I forget his name!

I did not take picture during there.... Was busy eating ma! Haha! Just joking only la....

After that followed Sean and Grace to New World Park to look at their new studio opening soon!!!

After visiting the new studio, we go for supper pula time....
Bboy Loh ajak us to go to New Lane! Haha! Just nearby...At Sunway Hotel there....anyone heard before?

Oh yea, another thing....Today is the final day of Chinese New Year! Wow! It passed so fast!

Upcoming event was the Valentine Day!
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Oh yea... Another stuff is that Yesterday I and Steve went to Waterfall Road to take pictures of the Thaipusam Parade!

Stay Tune for more!