Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Evergreen Buffet!

Last Saturday my parent hold a company buffet lunch at Evergreen Hotel as a treat to every worker that work hard for the company in the previous year and as a kick start for a brand new year!

Before that, yesterday I forget to post this picture. This was taken inside Steve car during on our way back home after the DANZITY Street Shoot! Woot! A wild idea to hold on to the camera with shutter speed open for 2 second! After 8 shoot, this was the best that I can say....haha!

This was taken using his A300...

Okay, Let's back to the topic about Evergreen.
I got a bad news for all, I was so hungry and was just keep eating and eat! Didn't manage to take many decent picture! All only about food gua!
Sorry yea if the food was seducing.... ^_^

Opps! I forget to take a pic of the main course! The main dishes of the day was meat and meat and meat! OMG! eat till so full until wanna throw up! Haha!
Although it was nice, but I still prefer Hotel Equatorial Buffet which got lots more variety of food. Next year we should try Rasa Sayang! Haha!

Just now I followed my aunt with a few of my cousin and my grandma go to Kek Lok Si!
They go to pray where else I go to snap pic! Haha! A nice opportunity for Night Landscape Shot!

The lighting was very nice! Due to insufficient time still got a few part of Kek Lok Si still did not manage to capture down.... Steve! Want to go at this Fri night? Haha! Any interest people are welcome to join! Just contact me or Steve!

Stay Tune for more!