Monday, February 16, 2009

Tueasday at NWP

Last week Tuesday, went to "Zhou Tian Yang" there to buy hamster then bring it to New World Park to see them train dance as I and Steve will send Sean them all to bus station.

The 1st we meet was Jose! Talented in many stuff! Singing, Photography, Dancing and Study! Omg! Girls....He is a ideal guy! He currently study in KDU!

After a moment, everyone started to arrive and the Hip Hop class and New School Class starts!

Sean leading the warm up session and after that it was Beh and Hang time but they was on the stage to teach for the 1st time....
Sean say: Train them la....Aboh how to grow up? Haha!

Steve spotted this post when wandering around the area. Kinda "funny" post so I make the picture blur to enclose that person identity.

I still didn't get this T-Shirt! Damn...

After that they wanted to go to Gurney to have dinner and some of us was supper. I had Char Koay Teow at New World Park before the training start.

After that was sending Sean them to the bus terminal and wave them off.

This picture was taken during that night. . .

They come back yesterday night and again I and Steve go to fetch them.
Had some chat with Steve at subaidah before we head home. . . What a day! Tomorrow going to have statistic assignment and test! OMG!