Sunday, February 1, 2009

CNY - DAY4 (Paintball)

On the 4th day of CNY we don't visit relatives to get angpau ler! It is time to enjoy our holiday!

I organised paintball at Bukit Gambir which no ppl ppk me like when I organised for my classmate...phew....

It was great! Everyone enjoyed their game there and some go home with some souvenir! Haha!

Group picture of the day!

Then on Friday afternoon, I brought Mr Steve to the shop that I was so excited about. A miracle happen! The shopkeeper let me test the 5omm lens! Wassai!!

This is the test result and I snap Steve when he was listening attentively to the shopkeeper about the detail about 50mm lens. He was speechless and damn steam when heard about all the cheapest price you can get in town! All are original product from manufacturer but just duty free! The price they sold and form retailer are difference by RM200! Phew!

Did you notice that only his face are focus? even his body also get out of focus by the large f/1.4! A portrait lens aka Prime Lens which suitable for portrait shooting!~

On the same day we go for DANZITY photo shoot on the Streets!!!
Stay Tune for more!
My poor flash gun~~~~wuwu~~~