Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After Wedding

Final complete my final exam and got some time to update my overlate update!
Have confident on 3 subject but still doubt about my forth subject. Human Resource Management. >.

After my latest coverage on Bee elder brother wedding, on the day we go back. We head to one of Taiping famous restaurant to dine in! Mr. BBQ restaurant offer variety of chinese cuisine! Sipek delicious!
The restaurant just located somewhere nearby lake garden.
IMG_1970 copy
Base on the picture above, we ordered curry prawn in bread which tasted very nice!! Lots of big big juicy prawn inside the curry! Claypot Toufu. Stir Fry "Kang Kung" with smbal and red snapper cook with thai sauce! All taste sipek nice!
It cost us RM 80+ if I'm not wrong for 4 person. Not bad huh!

After that, went off to Taiping Memorial Park for the fallen one during World War II in Malaysia. Had some photo shoot going there with our "models".

Puan See and Puan Bee.
IMG_1977 copy
It is located somewhere near the foot hill of Bukit Larut.

IMG_1978 copy
This memorial park remind us about horror of war.

IMG_1979 copy
IMG_1982 copy
Yung Ping with the memorial plate.

IMG_1983 copy
IMG_1987 copy
They are so young only!

IMG_1988 copy
IMG_1992 copy
Miss See.

IMG_1993 copy
IMG_1996 copy1
Bee with a flower on her head. Looks cute!

IMG_1997 copy
IMG_2000 copy
Mr Steve. Official photographer of the wedding.

IMG_2001 copy
Bee cannot be separated from flower attraction.

IMG_2003 copy
The centre space.

IMG_2007 copy
Photographer always takes to the extreme to ensure they got the shot!

IMG_2011 copy
May them rest in peace!

IMG_2029 copy
A women with tattoo is always mysterious sexy. lol!

IMG_2030 copy
IMG_2036 copy
The blogger with a weird facial expression

IMG_2048 copy
Snap Snap Snap!

IMG_2056 copy
Showing off at the wrong place!

IMG_6431 copy
The famous Taiping bending towards lake trees!

IMG_6432 copy
IMG_6436 copy
Steve with a 70-200 and in casual wear.

IMG_6440 copy
Jumping shot! I put it in a wrong size! so just bear with it yea! haha!
IMG_6443 copy
IMG_6453 copy
The lake itself. green and peaceful!

IMG_6455 copy
Steve and Them

IMG_6463 copy
Bee posing and Steve shooting her butt? Haha!

IMG_6469 copy
Yung ping with a cool glasses. Look fierce huh?! Haha!

Gonna post more soon.


Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

Especially yours one with bee :p
you both look so cute togetherrrr!