Sunday, November 7, 2010

Latest update

It was so long since my last update! Lots of stuff happen and I don't have the time to post it up! Hope you all wouldn't mind since my final exam is just one week away!

This update should be post up way back in September!
DSC_6758 copy
Had Eddie Nikon D90 in my hand. So I put it in good use. Snapping pictures again.

DSC_6762 copy
A group shot with chubby Chiew Bee in the middle.

DSC_6766 copy
A typical headshot that they dislike. Lol

DSC_6776 copy
Typical shot of me and bee doing funny expression.

DSC_6780 copy
Some say both are them are similar. Don't you agree?

DSC_6786 copy
A comparison from behind. Haha!

DSC_6791 copy

Had potluck with course mate at Sam hostel during mooncake festival! Nice!
DSC_4847 copy
My preparation! Fettucini Creamy Carbonara!!! Yum! Yum!

DSC_4849 copy
Everyone was busy preparing.

DSC_4859 copy
And I'm acting like a psychopath!

DSC_4867 copy
All the food we prepare! Sushi are prepare a day before! By our dearest MAMA Chooi Wei Lin! I'm not her husband although my course mate used to call me PAPA. hAHA!

DSC_4888 copy
Happy washing dishes!

DSC_4923 copy
See all the food we done! HooRay!

DSC_4935 copy
Some group shot taken before the dinner start.

DSC_4945 copy
A group shot that does not include me... sad... and Jia ling also...because she is late! haha!

DSC_4951 copy
Girls group shot with the special mooncake from Sam.

After dinner it is time to clean up!
DSC_4970 copy
Everyone was laughing because it is the first time Karen do housework!

DSC_4971 copy
Our Jia ling sister which quite EMO that day..

after that! we goto play tang lung!
DSC_5000 copy
Ops.. no guys except for me...all balik kampung lah!

DSC_5004 copy
With a more softer light from the flash. We are able to see the glow from the tang lung.

DSC_5007 copy

DSC_5011 copy
We light up the whole walk way when the breeze slow down.

DSC_5013 copy
A group shot before the wind blew off our candle!

DSC_5020 copy
Jia ling

DSC_5022 copy
Our mis See!

DSC_5025 copy
The chubbybee!

DSC_5031 copy
The salsasha!

DSC_5032 copy
And the Fatty. The Cameraman. and The man who own this blog!

DSC_5036 copy
The last group shot before the rain come! and we run like hell back to the apartment! and there is ppl laughing at us from the apartment above! curse them!

Despite raining. The girl siaoness doesn't stop there. They wanted to take picture under the rain! Lol!
DSC_5038 copy
First attempt. Not so good as the rain is really heavy.

DSC_5042 copy
Final attempt. all stay under the roof with sad face! haha!

Will update more when I'm free!