Friday, January 22, 2010

Water Market

After we drop our luggage at the hotel and get a quick bath, we rush to the hot event of the week! It was the water market which only open during weekends!
The market on land. . .

The market on water.

My mum, bro, aunt, and sis

They sell stuff from foods till souvenir

Quail Egg

We saw something interesting amongst all the boat which sells beverage using clay container!

Brought one Spiderman! Wee~! Fill with icy cold coconut water! WoO hOO! Refreshing!

Thai Salad? Tasted sourish and hot! Lots of chillies!

Otak Otak! It smells so good!

They pass stuff to you or return your change with this boom. . . Innovative huh!

Lastly ordered a beef noodle... Slruup~! Damn nice!
Yung Ping.... Don't say me " WHy you always like to eat beef again" again.... The reason is still the same... Haha!

Had group pictures before we left. . .

This one with me inside. . .

Their special snacks! Potato Chipppppppppppppppppppps! Why so long? Cause it is made out from a single piece of potato! They slice it continuously using a machine. . . Keat! It taste great too!

Next post!
Lantern garden and "hot hot" "Talent Show"!

Stay tune for it! Hatyai post going to end soon! Taiwan coming up after Hatyai!