Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hatyai Day 1

A week before I left Malaysia to Taiwan, we had a family trip to Hatyai!
Left home at 5! Whole bus full with "kaki Lang"
At the Thailand border line. . .

Had Nasi Campur as breakfast. . Stim!

After a while depart from the rest point, we reach the Goddes of Rich Temple. Many people came here to pray for fortune.

The temple itself.

The fortune tortoise, there a saying that if you where rub the head of the tortoise you will get good luck..

My cousin and her mum...My dad side. . .

Play some macro using my lousy 18-70mm lens.

My sibling. . . 2 of my bro had a weird looking. =.="

Grandma had the temple keeper to fire up a fire cracker inside a special container to chase away all the bad luck. . .

The lucky words after the big explosion from the fire cracker.

My another aunt try to carry up the tortoise! Thumbs up!

Another aunt of my... with Nikon D3000!

A group shot which is half of the big group!

After that, we went to souvenir shop to walk...
Had a local delight, a local made ice cream! DAMN NICE! but it cost your RM2

My mum sibling and my sis

The streets of Hatyai

The hotel where all of us will be staying. . . It peak season, so even we had already check-in, our room still not yet clean up!

Another corner of the hotel which provide foot massage to hotel guest.

Family Portrait

This one with me inside.

A blur self portrait of myself before signing off!

More to come! Stay tune for it! Alot of picture to be update soon! Can't wait! Just that I'm kinda busy everyday.... Phew~!