Sunday, January 24, 2010

Steve Birthday

Last Week, went to Tao at Autocity to have dinner with Stevie and gangs! It was his birthday!
Went there kinda late! Reach there around 8 something!

The waitress who serve us... Name Wendy.

The surrounding

Here come the foods! 1st up was
Mayo Abalone!

Cold plate - Sashimi! Yeow Fung eh favourite!

Butter fish! Damn nice!

Grilled mutton


Cheesy scallop!

Writing this post is making me hungry! AIks!

Take some water mark on the table. .

After we finish our dishes, there comes a loud noise singing Birthday song to our Mr Stevie!
What I can say is that Tao waiter really sing very loud!

Stevie pai seh until don't know what to do!

The most he can do is thanks everyone with his hands up! Haha!
Too bad I just keep taking picture but forget to record down some video of the singing process!

Had a group picture before we left.

Pose with Steve Sony A300, thanks Yan for capturing this for me.

Hope you guys enjoy looking at the food! Haha!

Had a busy week! I want to go for movie!