Monday, January 4, 2010

淡水one day trip

After he brought us to eat a very nice meal, we went to Dan Shui to have a walk!
The night view of the opposite bank!

Megan Dino and Eddie.

The night view of Dan Shui

Nicholas introduce us to local delicacy, grill squid! Super yummy indeed!

All are fresh catch of the day!

The girls with the King Kong

The weird weird showroom where you can see alot of weird weird stuff. . .

The streets at night in Dan Shui

Eddie watching Sook Guan eating the squid!

Nicholas with one hand action using Eddie 1000D!

A closer look of mine portion! haha!

The temperature surely very cold! It was 13 degree that night and tumble even further into the night.

Later, we found a big attracting biscuit. . . The stretchable part was marshmallow and we can get to choose the flavor of the content around the marshmallow. . . Ranging from curry, green tea, and many more. . .

Taiwan people very environmental friendly, they would bring their own food utensil out. . .

If you know how to read Chinese, read the shop name on the right. . . Do you think it sound funny? Haha!

Jurassic hand craft shop

Had a group picture sat a monument! I look terrible back then!

Another group picture. . .

Architectural building. . .

After that, we went to a nearby coffe shop to rest our leg!
The shop name is very identical to Hagan Dazs. . . A little copy cat. ..

Nothing much to talk about the place. . . I know this is a very long post... Pai Seh! STill left 2 days to back to home. . . Still alot to shop! Haha!

Let me introduce you all to the character in this trip!

Thats all I think! Will be posting more when I get back home!

A small teaser on the photoshoot before I leave Penang to Taiwan. . .

Street Ballet shoot out!