Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taiwan 2010!

Hey! Happy New Year everyone! Had a wonderful night yesterday at Taipei 101!

Will post about it soon! Hopefully!
Everyday we travel using this Easy Card for MRT. . . If we study in Taiwan, we can get a Student Easy Card which had a better rate compare to normal adult card.

If we brought something at shop or mall, we will have a receipt which have a red stamp of number which is a lottery number organize by the Government of Taiwan. So, everyone have a chance to get rich! So we don't need pay extra money to buy lottery!

On the 2nd day, Lai Tieng and Eddie was discussing about the next day trip schedule.

In search or a morning breakfast in nearby neighborhood..

Soon we found a small restaurant nearby. . .
Had milk tea as morning "Milo"

Western style breakfast. .

The traditional breakfast. . .
Most of us were having Taiwan delicacy while Eddie ordered a hamburger.

Mine beef stew noodle! Super delicious! A warm noodle really do make my day!

Up next we went to Taiwan Museum!
In the Taxi on our way up! The Taxi had a Son in Law while vacation to Malaysia so he was intrigued when he know we were from Malaysia.

We cant take pic inside the museum so I cant make coverage inside the museum.

Outside the museum

A very castle look museum.

Look like China castle right?

Eddie , "Dinosaur", Lai Tieng

Me with them! I look so terrible. . .

Another shot of them. . .

The garden view from the castle

The interior roof full with calligraphy.

After a short rest at Nicholas house, he bring us to a special restaurant to have steambot!
Giorgios Restaurant! This is very recommended!

Mine Ice Lemon Tea. . .

Free flow mineral water with some cherry tomato and lemon inside.

Mine Beef Curry Steambot. (1 Person Serving)

It came in set! It only cost us NW199 in RM is RM20

Look delicious leh!

After that he brought us go walk walk around Taipei

We are used to travel using MRT now. . .

Will blog about the New Year Countdown soon! Stay tune for it!

Enjoy some video taken here. . .

This video taken using my C905 on the next day morning after we reach Taipei.

The crowded MRT during peak hour.