Sunday, December 27, 2009

1st Day At Taiwan

Hey all! Currently blogging Lai Tieng cousin house! Safely reach Taiwan yesterday night!
Had a bad start at KLIA LCCT Airport. . . AirAsia is truely low cost airline, we have to walk towards the plane although we were hit by heavy rain! Kena save by one umbrella but not enough la!

We all had to endure 4 hour plus flight to Taiwan with a wet feet!
We left Malaysia late but reach at Taiwan earlier than we expected! cause the pilot was travelling at 980+km/h! Siao neh!

We had to use umbrella to get up to the plane!

After we reach Taipei, Lai Tieng cousin, Nicholas bring us to a famous stall which is so called "Lok Lok" back in our Malaysia to have supper after we drop our stuff at his home.

They serve lots variety of dishes there! And the main things was the soup the shop owner use to cook all the food! It taste very nice and sweet! And the soup is free to refill after you finish the soup~! A warm meal was indeed the best things you can get in cold weather!

The guy on the center was Nicholas, which helps us a lot in navigating in Taipei and in our trip to Taiwan! While Lai Tieng is on the most right.

Our supper. . .

The shop is famous for this one, the black chunk is the Black Pig Blood! It did not have the blood smell you get in normal coagulated pig blood that we used to get in our curry mee back in Malaysia.

The streets was very big although it is not highway! The traffic flow also are opposite from our country so it was kinda blur when we going to cross the road. . . and the Taxi driver there also drive very fast eh. . . So have to pay attention to the traffic when crossing. . .

After that, Nicholas brought us to his school! Shih Jian Uni~! Which was famous for its design courses and besides that it also got some special stuff happen there before!
Did you all still remember the movie drama "Wei Xiao Pasta" by our local singer Nicholas and Taiwan singer Cindy Wang. This is the place where they act!
He brought us to visit his uni. . Which was very an eye opening to a new concept of uni!

An informal group pic of us. . .

The view from the top level of the uni. . . Sipek nice!

Back at his house. . .
His "pao pao" cat. . . called "Roof Top" in Mandarin

We just ate steambot just now afternoon! and now currently updating my blog using his high speed com!

The housing around his house. . .

Currently siting on his chair update blog! Wee~!
Going out later!

Will update when I have the time!

Peace out!