Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gia Gia Makan!

Continue my p[ost about my life in November. . . After we finish Econ exam, after a good rest in the afternoon, went QB to eat something nice to rewards us for our hard work!
Yung Ping
Can see my "sui yong" while taking pic! Haha!

Chiew Bee

Ying Ming was hungry till face turn green d.... a peace from Bee

My roasted pork noodle! Yum Yum!

Yin Ming eh dunno wat noodle liao... so long d...

After we finish Accounting paper, at night went to Daorae to makan!

It is four of us goto makan again. . .
Yung Ping

Yin Ming which just had a hair cut few days before that

Chiew Bee the Bee

Some picture that I take using Nikon D90, all thanks to Jing Ming!
Plan to have a studio shoot next day so borrowed Nikon from him. . . End up using it shooting food 1st. . .

They serve a lot of side dishes which they top up for you if finish with out any extra cost!

The mummy Bee

Chiew Bee and Me

A group shot. . .
I like this one. . . Feel like family! Haha!

Final pic!
Chiew Bee acting cute with watermelon. . .

Next up!

Pinang Peranakan Mansion!

Tomorrow is result day! Damn nervous now! I don't know if I really did well ornot! Aiks!

Hope everyone result will be okay! No "F" words please!

Barcelona! You will win tomorrow!