Monday, December 14, 2009

Peranakan Mansion Penang

The next day before we went to the Peranakan Mansion Penang. First stop is to fill up our "Fuel" tank!
It is four of us again!
Goto Dim Sum King opposite KDU to pump our fuel for the day journey. . .

After that, it was Peranakan Mansion! I did not take many picture during eat... was busy pumping my fuel!
The so called " Kissing Chair" a seat for the guy and the other is for the girl. It is the place where they kiss.... Keat right? Haha!

Inside the bedroom

Yung Ping with her Olympus

A creepy shot...

Those movie that have been produce there...

After come out from the toilet... There is a mirror there then we start to take pic of the reflection...
Me and Yin Ming

Yung Ping and me

Me and Bee

Painting on the wall

This outing is partly outing and partly shooting... So you all will see a lot of portrait picture!

We shot till kitchen ki

and shoot till the living hall ki

and till the stairs ki

A lot of stuff happened in two weeks time.... I just starting to adapt to it... phew...

It is back busy working again! Everyday work work! I want go out shoot more!

Any volunteer?