Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hatyai Last Post

After we left water market, we went to the lantern garden to visit!
The lantern display team came from all over the world to display their creation there.

Had another half group picture of the original big group, some of them went to shopping.

Another group picture with my family using wireless flash... It looks better than direct bounce flash.

Christmas season!

Family and me

My sis and cousin

After that, we went to hot hot show in the town! The "Ah Gua" Show!
They are guys.... Don't be fool! Haha!

They look as same level as those pretty girl we seen on television huh!

This is a little expose..

The funny one.... The big boobs is so funny@!

The finale... the most expose! Hiong a! Those who are underage please use dynamo wash eye and brain!

After that, we went to night market to shop and we ate fresh water prawn as supper!
The prawn tasted superb! Tender and juicy!

The sauce to go with.

Had Thai McD Coke as beverage... and some of the pork burger! Damn nice also!

After we go back to rest, finally had some time to take a pic of my room.
It is just a normal.. compare to what I live in Taiwan with the same cost! Haha!

They give every room free 2 bottle of water.

The next day, we went to the opposite of the hotel to get some breakfast!
Had chicken porridge as breakfast!

After that we sat "tuk tuk" to the early morning market to buy some dry stock.

Beside selling normal grocery goods, there are also alot of small stall selling clothes and shoes and accessories!

It looks like a warehouse...

After that, went to have lunch and off we back to Malaysia!

We stuck at the border line for 2 to 3 hours! Went down to get our passport check and ated some fried chicken! Another yum yum!

What next?

It is Stevie birthday!!!!!
Stay tune for it!