Saturday, August 15, 2009

CFP Times

Last Thursday, a bunch of us went out for a small little outing to Times Square after a tiring day at school full with assignment and studies!
Hanging out. . .

That was their 1st time there so brought them "Hang Gai Gai!"

Plan for a little shoot out nearby the roadside fountain.
Eddie preparing his gear. . .

1st one up!
Mr Hwa!

2nd up!
Yung Ping

3rd up!
Eddie with Hindu Temple! ^_^

Paused for a flower shoot. . .

4th up
Mighty Thaw with Canon eos 1000D

Saw this cloud fading away on the horizon
A Mickey Mouse shape cloud! How lovely!

This also bring me back to a photo that I taken on the same day after I came out from bath! Haha! Shooting with a towel wrapping on my waist! =.="

The Hindu Temple across the streets

The Komtar Tower

After that went to another fountain on another side of Times Square
Used wireless flash to capture Yung Ping on the move running across the fountain

Thaw posing while the water came up! It looks like the water going to rush into his mouth! Haha!

Hwa stepping on the water. . .

Yung Ping playing with the water.. . .

Eddie just keep say us siao 1. . . Play till wet wet! Lol! I guess its a way for us to relieve stress?

Times square eh toilet banyak neat leh!

Work on Friday and today. . . Phew! Finally finish a safety portfolio of our company for Agilent. . .
Aboh no job for us. . . So OMG! Kena rejected for so many times liao neh! That aunty really really cari pasal with my mum la. . . Keep reject every time till so song and point out a little correction every time my mum went to pass the document to her. . . If she reject this time. . . I shall go in to Agilent face her! Haha! Damn Hot!

Tomorrow don't know what to do. . . Sien. . . Monday work again. . . Tuesday school . . .
I guess this is how my weekend ends. . .

ps: Glad you had a good one, just view your facebook picture. Congrat!