Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Black & White

Everyday lack of photos. . .OMG! I am not so me now. . .
Well I started shooting in my house again. . . but this time with something different! I shoot in B/W and in wide(16:9) angle.

Used a few technique teach by Mr Tee
1st: Set your creative style to B/W and set the contrast and sharpness to the MAX!
2nd: Crank your ISO setting to the MAX as you can! Haha!
3rd: Always monitor your histogram to prevent from some important area been to dark or over blown.

This help to create a black and white white looks like film effect
Some tradisional sticker

The tortoise from Finding Nemo

Big family shot

In the past I used to collect Gundam Model and I got a few of them which cost kinada lot when we count it up and Mr Thaw keep saying that if I don't buy it I can have more money to invest in my lens! Lol! Advise noted!
Infinite Justice

Strike Rouge


Sword Impulse

Sky Grasper

As you look detail into the picture, there is a lot of dust hanging on. It is time to maintainance! Haha!

After that, shoot my brother pulak!

Hope you all enjoy it!

This weekend the PC Fair is coming! I will be there for Sony! Wee~!
Want beli camera come come find me!