Friday, August 21, 2009

1More Chance, Relationship

Today sit in front of the PC and think deeply what relationship meant to us. . . Not BF and GF thingy only got relationship

What I mean was the relationship between human that make us related to each other. This few week, happen a lot of stuff between many people and we all were thinking about the past, the present and the future.

What future will be if we continue to be like this, what the past has make us today.
Where is the happiness we all used to have
Where is all the family feel that we used to have?
Where is the common thought that we used to have?

We all just wanted it all back! Yet, there has been crack in the relationship. We should improve and look ahead! Although there may be trap lure in anywhere that may trip us down but we should try our best stand up every time when we fall down!

Today, I started to open my heart to those I closed myself from them since something happen between us. I unblock their msn and started to chat with them. Try not to think about the past, but to gain what we had lost in the past.

Yet some may have been too late to make apologize and forgive as they have move on.

I regretted what I have done and from now on I will try to appreciate those which beside me and those who aren't with me now. . .

Sometimes extra 1 more chance may be too expensive to pay as 1st chance may be the first and the last chance you will get.
So appreciate the relationship my friend!
The time may pass faster than you think!

Make the RIGHT choice! Choose to be happy or sad.

With all I can, let's be happy

I'm so stupid to let go some of the relationship in the past.

With all you all can, monitor me to make sure I don't luan lai! Haha! JK!