Friday, August 7, 2009

My new classmate

Today afternoon after class, 90% of our group and with a few new classmate went for lunch at Yi Ping near Tauke Soh House.
The shy new classmate

My Lohan drink. . .

Mr DJ Shan in the house!

Black colour name is new classmate introducing:.....
Mei Xian = Future Photographer! + Canon supporter!
Jia ling = Future professional Banker!

Kukumaru is Wei Lin. . . Thats the name given to her by Shan or by Shamin I forget d. . . Lol
Ping Ping is Yung Ping. . . I think that is Shamin gave her d. . .

The rest is all the same except for beautiful hwa. . . People say he looks like a hwa. . . so swt. . .
People absent were Thaw which show up later after the picture above have been taken. + Julia and another new classmate which were Karen? Did I spell her name correct?

After that, went to TARC to find Julia to help her take picture but I missed it! I'm late! End up walking around and voted for YIDA for the prom night competition and go to makan with Julia and her friend.

Julia . Michelle

After that went back to my house to rest for an hour before meeting up with the rest of the group!

Manatau something happen and we did not make it for the movie but end up at Mc Donald chatting away! It been a while since we chat like that after the BBQ party at Thaw house! Haha!

Tomorrow is PC Fair! Come come and support SONY! Haha! I will be there if you need to test Sony camera!