Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick Update!

A quick update of what happened last week!
At Last Last week, went to my grandma house to celebrate cousin birthday and aunt birthday!

Last Monday night feel a little sien so I do a Panorama of my room using my mobile phone.

The next day. . .
Saw this at my table. . .

Guy: Sorry Pinky, 4give me okay?
Girl: No sorry for you
Girl: Cannot. . .Cannot. . .forgive you.
Girl: I. . . hate you. . .
Girl: I really hate your small d*ck

OMG! Hiong d neh!

Last Thursday, Eddie planned a movie day for us! Mana tau something happen and we ended up at Gurney Mcd talk. . .
Here is the pic of the "scandalous" people! Lol! Style looks like paparazzi neh!

2 lovely couple at Gurney! Finally a pic of both of your in my blog! Happy?

Yung Ping was there too. . . This was taken at MPH as we search for books. . . Since degree starts we almost become book worms as we all need books. . .=.="

Last Saturday, went out with family for a late night supper after I finish working at PC Fair! WOOT! Makan at Sungai Pinang there eh coffee shop! That day only I know there is a coffee shop there neh!
Family Lok Lok! Its been some time since we go out eat like that! Just kurang satu sister which currently at Aus drooling after viewing this post! Haha!

The sauce damn nice! My favourite baby octopus!

A little update on PC Fair. . .
During fair I din have time to walk around. . . Plus the new Alpha model doesn't feature Compact Flash Memory Card which I currently using in A200, So this is what I manage to capture while on the 1st day!
Xiong, the Monkey King! Haha!

Yi Ling, Nice to know you! He is from Nibong Tebal Branch!

Fang, ACC from Nibong Tebal. . . Hrmm. . . I heard from Peng that they both have relationship? Haha!

Mr Tee. . . attend for the 1st day only. . .

Next! The hottest topic of the 3 day!
Sony booth guy just cant take their eyes from this girl la! Selling Kapersky!
Nick and Xiong asked me to take snap shot. . . This is the best I can take using my camera body and the new 70-400 G Lens! Got better 1! But it was taken using Nick Memory Stick which was the shots of the 3 days! Sigh! Didn't manage to get fro him.

Yan Peng also join our work force! Last day kena make up as she represent our booth! Quote by Peng! Haha!

On the last day after finish work. . . Penag take us goto makan at KAYU!
Shoot Panaroma using my phone again. . .On the far left was Calvin! From Perangin Mall Branch! The far right was Quan! Makan until so siok eh face!

Thats all folks! More update soon!