Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Curtin Makan Makan!

Today after account class at 8 to 10! We Curtin class not everyone la. . . Just a bunch of us went out for Curry Mee at Air Itam! I know it is kinda far but some of us just cannot tahan the taste as we went there since half a year ago? Haha!
The famous Aunties Curry Mee just in front of Air Itam Chinese Methodist Church (AIM)

What we like about the Curry Mee was the flavour! Yup! The flavour it taste just traditional! Not those fancy fancy curry mee that added alot of non-related stuff inside! Lol!

Carole, Jeff and Kijade
F.Y.I Jeff was 1st Penang Sgt! Don't siao siao! Haha!
Not in picture were Eddie and Shan

Wei Lin and Yung Ping
Missing in action was Hwa and OKQ which went to get the noodle whereas Julia, Thaw and Karen were at the another table!

After that went back to school for assignment and presentation! Woot!

Then at late 4 only we went to QB, for tea break at Kim Gary? and Eddie wanted to go for shopping. . . So we accompany him. . .

Banyak comel neh Wei Lin and Carole. . . Lol!

My Noodle! Korean Noodle with fired beef!

After that, went to Sequin to remove my "Tahi Lalat" which stayed with me for 19 years behind my back. Since it was told that it makes me have more burden? So went for removal! Woot! 1 Minute settle! but have to take care of the wound for 1 week! OMG! Class tomorrow! Excited for classes! but sometimes fall asleep in the class. . .

1 hour = RM59

I sleep 5 min it takes alot of money. . . Thinking of money makes me sleep early every night! Haha!