Monday, March 16, 2009

Wonderful Sunday!

Today have a wonderful Sunday after a stressful week and another stressful week ahead! Final is near! OMG!

Why would I say it was a good Sunday leh... Because it was photography time!!!!!
At morning around 7.30 go to fetch Steve to Esplanade for model shootout!
Super duper shiok with this model shootout! Not because of the model! But i manage to use alot of lens! The most memorable was A700 with Carl Zeiss 135F1.8Z! So damn poison! Make my jaw drop a! And another was the wide lens use by Steve! OMG! My shopping list increase again! Shiit!
Some teaser 1st! More photo after I process all the pending pictures!

After that went to Eagle Point for service and catch up lunch with Sean them at Max!
As usual. . . My drinks! Ying Yung!
The taste different from other place. . . Kinda "kao" or in Malay is "Tebal" Lol!

Have a small plate of Noodle there to temporarily fill my stomach as I need to go back to eat mum cook eh food! Aboh kena sakai a! Haha!

After finish lunch at there went back to studio help Grace done some of the adjusting of the blog and drop Steve back home as he need to goto Balai Polis after yesterday night at Gurney his bike was stolen! OMG!

Went back home to have lunch and read some mpw before have a short afternoon nap before go to PISA to take pictures again!

When I wake up, the sky was raining and the "Penang Sakura" shooting have to wait till tomorrow ler. . .
Stay at home until 7 something and went to PISA with my brother to check out the International Food Festival held only once every 2 years!

We was damn late when we reach there because most of the stall are closing liao plus I heard that yesterday they have chef competition? Aiks!

So we head to QB to "Gai Gai" before went back to PISA again to cover the special event organized by the organizer. . .
Before we left PISA to QB!

Saw this sports car in the center hall!

Damn curve man!

Stay tune for more! 
Tomorrow another busy day from morning till night! OMG!