Thursday, March 5, 2009

Genting Venture - Part 3

The waited moment has come!
It is the Floor Flava Crew!
11th Team

Small Beh doing a flip

All "Stand Up"!

12th Team

13th Team

14th team

The last 2 team was not in our camera because I and Steve was too tired and hungry! Lol!
Run to Mcd to eat only went back continue again!
By that time it is already the Prize Giving Ceremony! OMG!
2nd, 1st, 3rd

Japanese dance student giving their instructor flower as appriciation for her teaching

The Japanese Hip Hop team! Don't siao siao with them! They dance as good as the beginner adult!

After that we 3 people tumpang Sean van down to KL! Wee~~!
It was a tough 3 hour ride to Sunway! By leg was numb and my butt are pain! Lol! Have to cramp with all the guys! Lol!

Have dinner at a mamak stall and go to drop Cheky at bus station as he has to be home by Sunday.
After that we went to Urban Groove studio to over night! At 1am something followed them to have supper at near by mamak stall AGAIN! Lol!
Have my sweet sleep at 2 something. . . OMG!

When I wake up at 9am, the 3 girls already putting on makeup! Except Siax! Lol!
Saix was the earliest at 7.30! She manage to snap all our sleeping faces! OMG!
This what I manage to snap after I finish my bath! Lol! The picture of Sean is the previous night where he was very tired after sleeping only few hour and feeling not well! We salute you!

In the next morning. . .
Sam, Bboy Loh, Vin Or Jun?
Omg! I just cant separate who is Jun and Vin!

We are heading on our way to Harvest City!

On our way. . . We spotted this. . .
Lamborghini Headquarter in Malaysia! OMG!

This was in the City Harvest! It looks like a concert! Lol!

Today was Miss Yung Ping Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Stay tune for more!
Tomorrow probably will having a official photo shoot with one of my friend! Stay tune for more about it!