Thursday, March 19, 2009

INTI Streets Blast Party!

Just come back from INTI Streets Blast Party!
Woot! What a great event to be participate! To those who did not come! You miss it!!! It's was awesome! 
Plus special performance from Floor Flava
Wave crew!
Performance from Talent Quest Top 3! 
Live Performance Band! 
Buffet Line!
Free Hot Dance!

OMG! It is just awesome! Plus I also saw some of INTI Student that I thought was "Guai Guai" 1 also dancing like crazzy! Lol!

Anyway, as usual. . . I am the photographer! So let's the picture do all the talking!

To entertain the crowd. . .

Opening dance. . .
The "What The Toot" name of the crew is Julia told me eh. . . I'm not bluffing! Lol!

My old friend. . . Joel and. . . I dunno her name! Lol! Btw! she was one of the MCs of the day!

Today met a new friend! He was Omar Tan! He knew me when I view his blog. . . Geng right? Lol!
Canon user by the way. . . Photo Kaki! Yeah!

After that opening ceremony they have s short games which is mostly couple play eh and other match also can la. . .
What catch my attention was INTI Staff and Lecturer also play the game! Damn funny la see they so sporting and funny!

What are they doing? Stay tune in the coming post. . .

After that Wave Crew having they turn to perform. . .

After that was Free "HOT" Dance! People are going crazy man!

After that Floor Flava heat up the floor even more with their highly "Geng" move!

That was the last performance before another free dance before Streets Blast Party was completely end!

More picture about every program happening on today soon! Stay tune for it!