Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Genting Venture - Part2

After we reach the hotel room the rest go to sleep where else I and Steve continue our photo shooting!

Capture this 1 when Saix was sleeping! Lol! Just act only la!

Capture Steve in action! Big lens leh!

After that we have a "VERY" short lunch! finish our RM18 lunch in 10min! then rush back to the hotel room again to take our bags back to the van!

Capture this 1 on our way up. Nice!

After this we walked to the Arena Of Stars!
As the competition kick off!
The lighting system!

Sean was also one of the judge panel

It started with the Latin dance!
Damn admire where they can dance till very proud and very elegant!

After that was the Hip Hop Individual Open!
Did not take many picture of them. .

Help Floor Flava Crew to take some picture before the competition start.

Before Hip Hop Group Open Competition there is a small part where belly dance group competition is conducted!
Damn amaze as I was 1st time to see a actual belly dance in action! Lol!

After that was the crowd most anticipated event! The Hip Hop Group Open!
There are 16 group in total! I don't memorize all theirs names so the caption will be the order of their performing.
1st Team

2nd Team

3rd Team

4th Team

5th Team

6th Team

7th Team

8th Team

9th Team

10th Team

More dance picture soon tomorrow~!
For more pictures, Please contact me! I will transfer all the pictures to you!
See you all tomorrow!