Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Genting Venture!

At 10.30 something we waited at the Pesta bus station as the bus was supposedly reaching by that time until 11 something only reach! =.="

On our way to Genting, I slept for a while until Saix begin to kacau every 1 as she was still energetic and bored! OMG! I manage to catch a few hour sleep before we reach a pit stop for a midnight supper before continue our way up to Genting!

Had plate of Wan Tan Noodle there but no picture because was kinda lazy! Lol!

We reach Genting around 4.30 and straight go up cari the Crew! Grace wake up to open the door for us! Thanks Grace! 
We did kacau them abit before we left room for some early morning shooting around Genting!

1st Photo of the day

Taken during outside Genting Hotel! OMG!

Active throughout the night started to take its tol on Steve and Saix.
Saix even sleep on the road side! Did you all notice she bring a pillow with her? Lol!

After that Saix was too cold and we are hungry again so we went back to First World and we spotted this in front of the Genting Hotel!
A Lamborghini! OMG! So sexy man! Haha!

After that went back to First World Hotel Indoor Theme Park there to cari makan!
Take some picture with the Mc Donald Mascot

After that they choose to have their early breakfast at Mary Brown.
It was kinda tasty! Better than I expected! Haha!

After that we went back to room to have some short nap!

Snap this through the room mirror! Using Polarizor! No glass reflection leh! Haha!

Until here 1st la! 
Excitement continue tomorrow!