Friday, March 6, 2009

Genting Venture - Part 4

Before continue on our last part of Genting & KL Venture. . .

Let's go back to yesterday which was Yung Ping Birthday and our class go to Nandos' to have lunch together since we having 2hour break.
My all time favourite soft drink! Lol! Lemon Tea ROCKS!!!!

Comparing this dish to Kenny Rodgers. . .This was not as good as Kenny Rodgers.
But at least they got bottomless Ice Lemon Tea! Yeah!

Before we left, have a group photo together!

Back to account class in time. . . .
Miss Lim was teaching Bad Debt account! Lol! Make till every1 stim.... lol!
All is relaxing or bored?

Suddenly a voice from behind call me to take picture. . . Junior from other program. . . =.="

Okay! Let's get back to the final post for stay in KL!
After went to City Harvest, we went to Macro Pizza for lunch! 

The pizza was so so la.... Probably 7/10 ba!

After all those playing in the restaurant, have a big big group photo before we 6 people left separate road with the whole crew which follow the van back to Penang we 6 people sit bus back!
Far left couple was Sean Sifu. . . Without them, there will no Sean Loh today. . . Sean keep saying. . .Lol!

After that my last picture was on the LRT at Kelana Jaya!

Having a siao siao trip back to Penang. . . We even over shoot the station and have to patah balik! Lol!

On our way back was raining. . . Sleep till like a pig and have a cup of noodle at a Petronas Station near Ipoh and there is where Saix "Pok Kai"! Fall down from the bus! 
Was on my way to the shop and suddenly hear
Saix: "Aiya!" (Fall down sound)

Lol! I guess she was really stim after having a good sleep!

Reach Penang around 11.30
I was very happy with my trip although it is tired!

Tomorrow going to do some Scuba Diving lesson at Permata Swimming Pool! Stay tune for more picture about it!

Today do some photo shoot in the morning and later going to do another at Steve dad Garage!
Wild idea to be expected! Stay tune for more!

Signing off~!