Monday, March 23, 2009

Street Blast

Coming back to post about INTI Streets Blast a week ago. . .

1st pic on that day. . .

I just love the evening blue sky! Yeah!!!

After the 1st open dance, they have a cert giving ceremony for those INTIMA Committee for 1 year of services. . .

After that was the 1 year old fire lighting! Lighted by our Principal Dr Mr Yeap

The duet singer of the day! Joel you rock man! Lol!

The newspaper game. . .

The Eos user! The girl is 5D user! OMG! + Omar on the right!

After that was free time and they having small stall at behind for funfair games! A little bit like MBC

Some random group pic

The live band guitarist!

Still remember what I say when they put up their hands?
They are ready for this! Watermelon Feast!

After that was the Coke Feast!!!!

After that was Floor Flava time! Got many pics about them. . .lAzy to post ler. . . Lol! Pai Seh yea!

Before ending. . . The final free dance begins!!! 

Last but not least. . . The group picture of INTIMA

More updated tomorrow if possible. . . .
Stay tune. . .

I am still tired! Need afternoon Nap!

Currently into Earth Hour!

Let's Participate and save the world!
With unity we will spread the words!

Just a simple action!
Switch off your light and you can watch movie at home without the lights on! Lol!

I probably going to No.3 take pic of Penang Island and Butterworth going dark. . . Any1 following?