Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gurney Dance Comeptition

Last Saturday after my diving class me and Steve went to Gurney to do some coverage for Danzity.

All I say is that Girls you all have done a Great Job! Lol!
We still have another chance! We still can improve!

Okay! Okay. . . Back to the pictures...
Snap this when I arrive on the scene. . .

The crowd was many but the venue is just not the right place for the dance to dance la. . . The dance floor ain't nice. . . Edges tiles vs flesh? Not a good idea. . . I heard that last year was better. . . Probably they have to prepare a stage or a wooden floor at least. . . The dancer can do their job. . .

Before the competition starts! A lucky hug! Lol!

In the moment of busy snapping photo. . . Saw a Canon Eos! Lol! Is KSP! She just brought that camera in the morning and was start using liao! Salute you girl! Welcome to the Kaki of Photography!

Picture of The Day:

A Silhouette on the sky above us. . .

Will be kinda busy this 2 weeks! Test! Assignment! and Presentation! OMG!
Probably will having some late post ba

Hope I still can everyday post la. . . 
Stay tune for more!