Sunday, March 8, 2009

Scuba Diving Lesson!

As I said on Friday that yesterday I will go on a scuba diving course at Permata Swimming pool!
Here is some picture of the activity!

The advisor of the club with his son.

After a short briefing about the lesson we changed our cloths and went to get our gears! Yeah!

This was our instructor of the day! Don't play play a! His English is very "Big Canon" eh a! He speak fluent ENGLISH! Although he looks like a normal Chinese guy with tattoo on his arm!

They prepare the gears for us. . .

Weight belt to help us make our dive easier. . .

After that everyone was suiting up to get into the water! and as usual I will be the last. . .Have to take picture! Argh! I din have a Olympus underwater camera! Or will have more nice shots in the water to show you all!

After all those prep, we went down into the water! Every lesson was conducted in the water and to adapt our self with the breathing equipment.

And here some shot of the people there. . .

It was a great experience that I could actually breath inside the water for few hour straight!
It was calm. Just we and the water surrounding. . .

The part that hurt is was my shoulder and my back! Kena sunburn!
Pain until yesterday I was unable to sleep well!
Indecisive if I should sign up for the diving course for more training or take this diving lesson as an experience? Lol! If I sign up, I will have to spend more money. . . OMG!

After scuba diving, went to fetch Steve to Gurney to do coverage for DANZITY team that having dance competition there, organized by Echo Park.
Will do more update about it soon! OMG! Suddenly so many picture to process! Head dizzy liao la....

Yesterday have a profile picture photo shooting of dance in Danzity in the studio. Reach home at 12am. OMG! So tired!

And Friday, Me and Steve do some photo shoot for Stephanie as her birthday present!

Julia also join the photo shoot. . .
Will do more review bout it soon!

Phew! I am so tired now! Processing picture for the whole day and my back are killing me again! OMG!

Signing off~