Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gurney Dance Competition - Part2

Continue from yesterday. . . After they finish they competition. . . Have some shooting going on. . .

After that, we went to Nando's to have our lunch where else mine 1 is brelunch! Breakfast + Lunch!
I eat half chicken! I am impress with myself! Yeah! and finish 4 cup of Ice Lemon Tea! Lol! Too hiong liao! Morning was doing scuba ma! Thats why so big eater in the afternoon la!
But a bad news! I'm so fat! OMG! Need more exercise! Lol!

Other people order this. . .

Picture of the day. . . Jun

Another version of 007 but added a G behind. . .for girl. . . Lol!

Blogging as a break for my assignment! Lol! More tomorrow! I hope so!