Thursday, March 19, 2009

PISA International Food Festival

Before I continue on the posting about INTI Streets Blast Party let me continue the post about the Food Festival help in Pisa last Saturday & Sunday.

As I post in the previous post I went to Pisa to do some coverage for my blog about PISA International Food Festival that will only held every 2 years! Lol!
Here some of the picture that I haven't post.

Capture this chef doing quick imprint on the dough. . . Kung Fu hand in action? So fast eh? Lol

Also saw some brand do cooking demonstration about their product and in the same time do Question and Answer about their product.

After finish tour inside the Stadium as many stall already close and went outside to check it out!
Saw tio Wei Huon Sir selling Ah Huon Char Koay Teow! Woot! Looks like very delicious! But at the end I end up buying 2 curry fishball! 1 for myself and another for my brother.
Nice? Still okay okay la! Haha!

That day show you all the front, now show you all the back side! Lol! Looks like Dodge Viper nia!

After that went back to coverage the performance. . . I miss out the China Juvinel Accrobatic Team!
They invited the Akademi Fantasia Singer - Dafi. . .
I guess he is the champion of Akademi Fantasia ba! Lol!

After that was Julia dance crew time! Lol! She is going to kill me I post this up! Haha! Sorry la!

And somethine before I went back to continue my study for tomorrow Econ! OMG! So tired today! After the account test and manage to get half hour sleep before go dinner with my family for my "special" Day! Lol!

Last year cut a cake at HQ! Woot! With Kimmy Ang! Same day Birthday as me but difference by 1 year! Lol! Of course I am older la! OMG! Lao Lang liao la! ^_^

Plans for tomorrow? Still unknown. . .

Well. . . Stay tune for more!~