Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take a break. . .

I should be still studying by now but taking a rest to blog! Haha!
I feel myself really addicted to blogging liao la....OMG!

Continue yesterday posting about the model photo shoot!







Today it our class last English presentation for this whole CFP program and we manage to take group picture! Finally!
More about it soon!

Picture of the day!

 Sailing into the Abyss!

This few day will full with test! OMG!
Tomorrow night will going to INTI Streets Blast Party! So excited! Anyone going?
Of course the whole afternoon I am going to study for Thursday Account before going to the party. . . I got a 5hour window to sleep plus take a nap! I guess it is enough ba?

Later morning going to have MPW test! History so many stuff to remember! Wish me all the best!

Stay tune for more!