Friday, June 27, 2008

BUSY DAY again....

Another hectic day today, pai seh about yesterday did not update my blog because due to the internet slow down like a snail! Yea Streamyx really "BOLEH"! bOLEH MY ASSES!
Kek ki with this stupid slow connection only!

Back to topic, yesterday CSC class finish early so we decide to goto QB for lunch at 2. After a long discussion at QB, decided to goto Old Town for lunch but after I come out form the toilet, they decide to goto Breek's to have lunch. Why breeks? I was soo poor at that time~~~ Haha....

Group photo

The girls

After that Yin Min organize a morning Dim Sum for today.

Today Dim Sum morning, I wake up at around 7 something then fall back to sleep then wake up at 8.15. Rush to bath and goto school. Reaching school at 8.50 and nobody reach yet. so stay in the car talking on the phone, until Thaw called.
Me, Thaw, Clement and Mr. Leong waited for Mr. Xian Hua to fetch the two girls from the hostel. Mana tau....he is late and the girls wake to INTI to wait for you man! Haha...

After reach there, the organizer was late! Miss Yin Ming and Mr. Zhi Hao who fetch her.... walau! Nevermind, we start to eat 1st!
After 20min like that they only reach. Jerrad was just early than them 10 min only.

When we just arrive

Every1 is finishing up

Mr. Thaw using Mr. Leong T300

Clement eating big chunk of kuih
Our Tauke

Miss Yung Ping pouring tea for tauke

Stim Thaw
Drug addicted Thaw ^^

2Thumbs up for dim sum!

Our tauke Soh aka Queen....kakaz...

Miss Julia

Weird post

Twin tower or dim sum!

After that rush back to college, and Julia belanja Mr Beh eat "Loh Mai Gai"..haha....
AFter that nth to some pic again after class

Every1 surrounding Xien Hwa laptop

Every1 so focus

Mr Beh is poking ur screen!

Our class giant man! haha...he sure eat alot!

After class, goto visit wei lun after morning time hear tio ewe lee bubble mssg....
He accident yesterday at factory

Camera shy.....

Alert every1! The following graphic is very "GELI" if u dun wan c....pls end here....TQ

His hand condition

Badly burn and cut

The doctor gonna amputate his finger....

Poor 16 year old only....
He is gonna lost his 2 finger tip...I hope today will hear some good news from him...

After school, I go out with her! haha...seriously....we need private time together...always busy with test, assignment, presentation, report, fetching my bro here and there.....just...damn with the absent of my pc....It makes my life more difficult!!!! ARgh!!!!

Mr. CC Sir not I dont want to give you a complete good publicity slide and video...just all my things is in the hard disk....and the video file cannot simply change the file location...i have a big headache to complete the video in time for you...i will find richard this saturday...

My head gatai...haha..

Random pic taken by her

Still a secret....

My pc cannot return to me as they promise to return my cpu this friday...but they cannot do it because their technician is busy? technician is the 1 to deliver the cpu? Useless company!!! That company is SNS Network! So next time you buying computer or laptop at PC Fair...surely do not buy from this company...they can provide you quality things...but they provide you all very very very POOOORRRRR!!!!!!! SERVICE!!!!

Believe it is up to you all....
They have been delaying my CPU from days to days and weeks to weeks....almost a month to repair a darn spoiled motherboard!
And now still cannot get my CPU back! I was planning to complete it on friday and can send to CC Sir by sat...damn!!!!
I gonna scold that technician if I saw HIM!!!!!!


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