Wednesday, June 25, 2008


One year ago, a girl who live a peaceful and happy life until she meet a guy. That guy brought happiness to her but not long after that, that guy cheated that girl. That guy fall in love with the girl best friends.
She was so hurt. She cried many times in the lonely night.
She say that she will never easy trust a guy again...

One year later, she is going to college. She meet a guy again, but this guy was different. That guy have a weird chain of relationship with her. After their 1st meeting, that girl try to find the guy contact but fail to do so. Meanwhile that guy found her contact and add her in the msn.

Good friendship start from that day onward when they start to communicate.
After a period of time, that guy express his feeling to that girl and the girl think and think again....
Finally she accept him as her partner. But still, she have no confident and believe in him as she experience the past and are scare to repeat it again.

Slowly but surely they pass their time together meaningfully.

Take her for breakfast early in morning.
Playing at the beach.
Hand in hand walking down the street.
Put arm around her when she was cold.
Buy her medicine when she is sick.
Fetch her back from college although no matter how far he is.
Lend her the shoulder to lye on when she is tired.

When that girl give her 1st kiss to that guy, she let the guy know that she have confident and believe in him.

That guy have been always love her and try to gain her trust. His believe did not let him down.

That guy committed to take care of her and love her till the very end!


摩天轮 said...

u r the guy??