Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yesterday after our accounting test! Woohoo!!! Finally finish all my mid-sem test! We all went to QB for Dragon-i for celebration! Haha!
1st up!

A portrait of OKQ from the left, Yung Ping and Eddie aka Tauke! Seems happy after finish the test!

The busiest people on the table. . . Miss Chiew Bee. . . Smsing away. . . haha!

Next up!
Wei Lin!

After that, this is our food shots!
Mine beef spicy & sour "la mien"

Me & Chiew Bee ordered Mix Fruit Desert with vanilla ice-cream! Haha!

OKQ Fried Tou Fu! Damn nice and smooth!

The expensive tissue. . .include tax already RM1.15

Eddie "La Mien" with Fried Pork

OKQ, Yung Ping, Chiew Bee Spicy & Sour "La Mien" with Fried pork. . .

After that went for shopping for a while. OKQ brought a new 1080 Full Hd 23" computer screen! Damn envy!

Going out to dinner now. . . back at 11pm!