Friday, September 18, 2009

Another week

Yes I'm back to blogging again before I'm back to busy again! Today we are passing up out BIS assignment! and continue our headache for accounting assignment which really have a toll on all of us as we stress like hell to think what the question want! That's why I choose marketing and management over accounting and finance!
Someones seems to show victory sign d? All done liao a?

All discussing outside Head of Curtin office while waiting Miss Carole to come back in order to collect our Curtin Student ID. . . But in the end she didn't show up. . .

Then I continue to snipe them while they boh eng. . .
Sin Yong? Did I spell her name right or just call her sam?

Carole Kang with Shan. . . Back to back! Woot!

Jeff the 2nd penang sgt

Kijade and Carole Kang. . . Both like sister!

A more close up shots of Carole using 50mm. . . I just like black and white. . . easy, simple yet nice!

Ring! Ring!


Eddie busy teaching accounting!

Phong Yih

Shan Acer Laptop. . .

After that, went to Yi Pin to have our lunch!
Shan just love my spec.. . .

my 1st virgin self portrait with friends using DSLR. . . Haha!

Carole number 1 and Hooi Hooi Miyako laugh till like that. . . Wei Ling face cut into half. . . aiks!

Tambah balik for u la. . .

Thaw, Julia, OKQ and Carole Kang. . .

To my surprise. . . I did not capture the picture of my table friends. . . I'm so blur. . .

Yet I capture my food. . . haha! So pai seh nia me. . . aiks!

Later in the afternoon, we went to watch The ugly Truth! Damn funny and meaningful!

Tomorrow going to work at Perangin Mall DSLR Fair! I'm going to handle the A850? hAHA!