Friday, September 4, 2009


Today post is going to feature a day where we whole class all wear black colour! Its become a trend that every week we all will wear the same shirt or colour to school!

We found a empty class room and here we go!

All relaxing before start the shoots. . .

Most of the picture were using my wide angle lens to shoot with. . .

Julia ran to pose to the camera when I was setting the self timer to shoot all of us in a row. . .

A little distortion make OKQ looks a bit fatter. . . But I already done my best correcting the distortion d... I guess we need a bigger room next time?

They say I'm the "Tua Pek Gong" in the middle. . . =.="

Another scene where Jeff where pince by 2 girls. . . Haha! Everyone looks shock!

Another scene where OKQ post a superman and everyone was amaze!

I curi take this 1 when every thought I was getting the shots for them! Haha!

Pointing each other butt. . .

The girls. . .

Another shots of the girls gang. . . I think this one turn out to be the best picture of the day. . . Looks energetic. . . We tried a few time and they nail it! Well done! *Clapp hands*

Another more funky shots. . .

After that. . . The guys. . . This below all were taken by Kijade! Haha!

Act macho. . .

Another teasing post. . .

Then. . . A day where all the guy become gays!

Whose butt bigger? Haha!

After all that! A compilation of head shots of everyone!

1st row: Thaw, Julia,
Shan, Yin Ming, Jia Ling
2nd row: Karen, Mei Xia, Kijade, Carole, Miyako
3rd row: OKQ, Hwa, Sam, Chiew Bee, Sasha
4th 4ow: Yung Ping, Wei Lin, Eddie, me, Jeff

Hope you all enoy the shooting session! Will have mroe in coming weeks! Will think about the theme! Or you all may sugegst a theme to shoot with!