Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blue Sky + KL

This few day. . . The sky was super blue!
Shoot from my house kitchen window. . . I take a few shots before I go for my lunch! Haha!

The power of super wide angle lens! I love the sky and cloud. . .

This few day seriously piaing my assignment! I think my white hair also grew a few inches liao! Alamak! I think I manage to stop myself from slacking by thinking about the next week I have no time to sleep if I didn't finish it by this week! Haha!~

Of course I hold myself from playing games to relax by taking some picture. . . A lot about the sky lately. . .
Another shoot from my room window. . . The sky is just nice to the eye! It helps a lot when my brain just out of juice to be squeeze!

Friday, Mr Hans teman me goto get a suite!
Revealing at Friday! Haha!

Today wake up at 6 to accompany my parent to KL Wangsa Maju to survey the new project site area. . .
Newly open Wangsa Walk Mall! Just open at 16 of September!

Talking about getting there was like a pain in the ass! Maxis having problem with its internet, so my navigation in my mobile phone cannot function and I have to rely on the Google map to get us there! >.<

Kuala Lumpur road just too ma huan and complicated!
After we reach, we went to Secret Recipe to have our lunch. . .

Saw a yellow color building just outside the mall. . .

My all time favorite again! Ice Lemon Tea!

My dad ordered Mushroom Sauce Chicken Chop while my Mum ordered the Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese !

I ordered the Tom Yam Spaghetti! Taste okay okay only. . . My mums one taste better!

Stay around there for one hour then off we back to Penang! Reach Penang at 8 something just now. . .

Now doing some minor adjustment to my accounting assignment!

Owh Yeah! My car broke down yesterday when I was on my way to do moon cake delivery on behalf of my mum to my relatives. . . The engine of a SLK really do smokes a lot when I stop by on the road side! Haha!

I suppose tomorrow I will get my car back d! Finger crossed!