Monday, September 8, 2008

Vietnam Food + Flood!!!!!

Last week, when I was responsible to fetch my sis to QB due to hard to find parking.
Her friend change the destination at the last minute luckily I did not drop her yet...
Change to E-Gate, therefore I have to follow too to fetch her back...

We went to a newly open Vietnam restaurant to enjoy our lunch.
It actually tasted not bad, about is it the original flavour I was not sure because I never tasted a original Vietnam food.
Here some photo for reference.

Marinated Basil Duck

Don't know what it call ler

Cat Fish

Don't know what chicken ler...

In conclusion, it taste GOOD! Recommended!
ps: For those who do not like garlic, please do not order dishes with rice because the rice was cooked with garlic

Last two day ago, Penang was FLOODED!
Heavy rain start to pour down around 12something at the noon till night around 9 only stop.

The heavy rain flooded many low areas, include outside my house there!
Here some of picture that my sis capture when she was on her was out to meet her friends at E-Gate