Friday, September 5, 2008

Curry Mee + Seoul Garden

This some post about a month ago ba.
After class, we went for a break and goto eat at Ait Itam!
Eat what leh? Eat Curry Mee lor! Famous Curry Mee in front of the Air Itam Chinese Methodist Church (Which previously my 2nd home when I usually go there for activity)

The Aunties Preparing the Curry Mee

The traditional Curry Mee! It taste Traditional too!

Mr Yenz Ko Lian till have to sit bangku eat!

Some pic taken by Tauke Soh
Yesterday we goto Seoul Garden makan! All we can say is makan makan makan!
Here is some of the photo

Tauke Soh with Mr Hwa

Miss Wei Lin and Tauke Soh


Makan! Makan!

Mr Thaw wearing sub cloths....Specially enato yesterday! ^_^
Today attended the Moral Class MPW class....super duper SIEN! Wana fall alseep ler!
After class they wan go walk walk at QB so teman them...
Drop my car bac at home for sis then drive Mr Thaw Vios go.
Back also I drive, drop Missy and Mr Yenz back at hostel then fetch myself back...with
Mr Thaw sleeping....take a nap ba! then Mr Thaw drive back after reach my house...
Watched bleach whole day, Just started to watch few days ago...Kena addcited ler! AIks!
Just now CCLIM send some picture of us when we 1st joinBB back at 2003
Quite funny with all those stim faces! Now from so many left till CCLIM nia.....

Just found a new way to upload my pic....
ease my job plus now alll pic can be enlarge ler
Plus the picture size is getting bigger and nicer...hehe....
btw this is the picture of the day....^_^