Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Last Friday was going to QB with Mr Thaw which when I did not have tranpost
Here some picture about the day

Tauke was buying his facial things. Recommended by Tauke Soh! ^_^

Was taking this pic then was stop by the shopper...Aiks... Just a glass of rough salt only wor?

Mooncake festival is coming soon!
Was planning to have a 赏月outing!!!
Still under planning....Maybe will be cancel...Most likely I think

Today school was TIRING! 8 till 5!
My battery use up when we reach English class at 3..starting to yawning at 3.30 and curi curi 闭目养神 izzit correct my chinese? Long time did not write ler....

This is was at Maths class

'Mickey is the hero of Our Heart?'

Miss Eong Shing was too free so she simply darw anything on her paper

Some cartoon of her creation

Another things is was IT!!!!!
Wasted my money to study IT which cost us RM600 something....today assignment is what leh? Typing!!! Whole class was speed writing against each other except few of them which playing online poker with each other...

More post tomorrow!
Stay Tune!